Mercedes is a healer, coach and mentor who shares from knowledge inherited over 150 years of ancestry and several decades of uniquely miraculous, personal experiences.

If you are stuck, lacking in motivation or feeling overwhelmed by the burdens of life or want to feel better about your innately beautiful self, in a simple, practical format, free of jargon and symbolism then please send an email to or connect with Mercedes on social media.

Maria S-M

Mercedes has been my miracle worker.
With her wonderful spiritual skills, she has helped me to open my door to my dormant spirituality
to such an extent that wonderful things are beginning to happen to me very rapidly. My life has taken such an amazing turn that it will never be the same again.
I will be eternally grateful to her.

Maria S-M, Lawyer, UK

Dale Preece-Kelly

I feel so upbeat and so able to achieve at the moment its unreal – more so than at anytime in my 42 years!! You released that positivity within me and showed me my potential.
I ran raw with your advice, no questioning it, no analysing it – just took it by the letter. You showed me the way and I am so loving the journey, its beautiful. I am so enjoying everything I am finding along the way. Much more to come I know!
Mercedes came into my life, quite by accident, but this is sometimes the best way! Especially when that person is to become such an inspiration and such a big part of your future.

Dale Preece-Kelly, Entrepreneur, UK

Patty L

I’ll go to the YouTube if you ask me. I’ll go to Oprah and I will tell the world that your advice and your spiritual help, actually works wonders on me!
Tons of Love to my sis.

Patty L, Mexico
Patty is a wonderful Facebook friend who was coached by email

Liz Sippy

I first met Mercedes at a Wimbledon Women in Business meeting a number of years ago. We had many interests in common.
Over this period of time I have been fortunate to attend some of Mercedes’ sessions in the capacity of client and colleague.
Mercedes has a particularly warm and charismatic personality and is good at putting people at ease. She is always amazingly well-prepared in her work, never cutting any corners. This makes her a successful executive coach who always works professionally in many different environments.
I have known Mercedes organise, share and support healers in small and large groups. With her patience and unique healing skills, Mercedes has helped countless people through illness and emotional and physical problems.

Liz Sippy, Alternative Medicine, UK

Martha F

I often re-read your wonderful, loving, encouraging emails – and I always feel better and stronger. I feel there have already been absolutely seismic shifts in my life.

Martha F, Media Director, UK

Kevin Jeeps

Mercedes Leal has such a wealth of knowledge to share in her areas of expertise. As a person of enormous integrity, she has so much respect and admiration for the way in which she deals with people.
She has boundless energy and immeasurable patience and applies her executive coaching and motivational skills to great effect. She is also generous to a fault with her time and is quite possibly the most personable person that I have ever come across. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use her services.

Kevin Jeeps, ACMA, UK

Kamil Szczepaniak

Excellent. The talk and athmosphere which Mercedes gave to us was so special, we need more such relaxed and open talks, the idea with some exercise was excellent. [expand ]
I knew after Mercedes’ first guided meditation 3 weeks ago that her talk would be special.
Thank you for sharing your message Mercedes…
With Light and Love, Kamil.

Kamil Szczepaniak

James Rooke, UK

Oh I remember those days too. My God they were dark. And now I’m totally transformed. And I wouldn’t have been able to DO if it wasn’t for all your love and care.
Couldn’t have got here without you, for sure!

James Rooke, UK

Denise G

I wish to thank you for always guiding me in the right direction in life.

Denise G, Nurse, UK

Dylan Ayaloo

Mercedes is elegant in her presentation, effective in delivery and heartfelt in her approach.
She is truly of the highest integrity and interest of her clients. Working with her is a true gift, she makes the impossible possible. The insight and healing she brings are truly rare, don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with Mercedes!

Dylan Ayaloo, Hot Power Yoga Ltd, UK

Shivani Bhagi

One of the wonderful things about Mercedes is not just the depth of her knowledge, wisdom and experience, but her willingness to share as much as she possibly can with those around her.
It’s clear that Mercedes shares from the heart in order to empower each and every person that crosses her path. A fabulous talk by a fabulous lady.

Shivani Bhagi

Harun Rabbani

Mercedes, you are one of my solid rocks and have been so from the time we met. I wish for every one of my friends to have a powerful feminine figure who loves, nurtures and guides as well as you do.
I feel I’ve had a head start with you which is my great fortune. Thank you for being such a great mentor, support and personification of lovingness.

Harun Rabbani, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster and Author, London,UK

Jane P

Listen to Mercedes, for she can assist anyone who has ears to hear.

Jane P, Horse Trainer, UK

Sophia E

Thanks for everything for hope and for love. Because of you I learned to love me!!!
Only then did I completely love everyone else. My marriage was saved because of my husband crisis and because of your support. I managed to talk to him and support him.
Thank you too for the light that you bring to my life – for hope, and for showing me the difference between hope and expectation and how not to allow others’ attitudes to affect me.
I am alive and blessed.

Sophia E, Medical Doctor, UK


It was my first time attending this meetup. I really enjoyed the talk and the meditation (my first time). Thank you Mercedes. I look forward attending more of these events


Margaret Novakovic

Just lovely, Mercedes was excellent & wonderful presenter. I specially loved the guided meditation. Then after at the wine bar with many of the lovely people. Super evening!
Congratulations & love to all.

Margaret Novakovic

Toby Street

Mercedes you’re a beacon. You’ve got a great gift for shedding light where I can’t see, and giving angles of insight that really do bring enlightenment.
Couldn’t have got here without you, for sure!

Toby Street, Entrepreneur, UK

Seymour Nurse

After taking part in Mercedes’ Guided Visualisation Workshop in November 2008, all seven items on my wishlist came true by May 2009.

Seymour Nurse, Writer, UK

Richard Yates

In addition to her extraordinary skills as a communicator, Mercedes Leal has the unique ability to empathetically connect with others while lifting them with her inspirational message.
She is relentlessly positive, uncompromisingly caring and a brilliant mind that commands respect. A rare combination of wisdom, values, experience, passion and intellect, she is the friend we all need. Mercedes would be my first choice for help.
Richard is America’s top Relationship Expert

Richard Yates, Relationship Expert, USA

Susan M

After Mercedes began helping me, my positivity increased by 110%

Susan M, Restaurateur, UK

Alison Thomas

I didn’t know anything about her talents or skills and had simply got chatting via a mutual friend because she was so funny and so friendly.
I had no idea how different my life would become once she was part of it. Mercedes’ positivity and wisdom and her knack for understanding human nature have helped me no end. I’ve suddenly become aware of my blessings and understand what the real riches in life are and am genuinely happy and grateful for all that I have. I never think of what I don’t have anymore because I feel I have everything. I am content with my lot and it feels fantastic.

Alison Thomas, Mature Student, Somerset

Carol C-Worsell

You deserve all the very best that life has to offer. You are kind, wise, inspirational, brilliant, beautiful, charming, creative and giving. You are one of the most amazing people I know and the lessons I have learned from you have had a profound effect on me and changed my world forever because they have changed the way I see my world.
Thank you for everything, amazing lady.

Carol C-Worsell, Financial Adviser, UK


Hello Sensational Mercedes. They did well to call a great car after you. They recognised Quality.
EVERY time I open your (FACEBOOK) page I immediately feel happier because there’s always something encouraging, enlightening, positive, thought provoking to read.
THANK you from my heart for your un-ending guidance & inspiration. It’s so easy to love you. 🙂

Kathie, Estate agent, Australia
via Facebook (27th March 2011)

Jayne Webb

I met Mercedes at a business lunch and was immediately drawn to her. She had such an aura about her that I felt compelled to have a one to one (advisory) session with her.
The wisdom she imparted to me in the one hour has made an immense difference to my life and the way I live it. I am not usually one for this kind of ‘help’ but it was an enormously valuable experience.

Jayne Webb, Interior Designer, UK

Myra Sullivan

That’s what makes you so powerful, Mercedes! Your ability to be forthright about your pain and trials, while working through them and uplifting others the whole way through is astonishing.

The knowledge you hold is the most valuable I know. When I first started reading your posts, I could barely afford to buy food.

Now, I’m a pilot and a sailboat captain. Who would’ve thunk it? .

Myra Sullivan, Pilot, Sailboat Captain, USA

Mumtaz Hussain

If you feel that you’re ready to take the next step in your journey of personal growth, your journey back to the purest form of love from whence you came, then may I suggest that Mercedes is your next port of call.
The reason I say this is that all through our lives Angels are sent to guide us and Mercedes is one such Angel. She has lifted me from a place of sadness and darkness, where my career was at crossroads, to a place of happiness and joy. I was a solicitor with a successful career behind me, but I felt a sense of unease which I couldn’t unravel. I’m so profoundly grateful that the answer to my soul’s calling for a guide to help me through the maze of life, came in the form of one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered.

Mumtaz Hussain, Solicitor & Radio Presenter, UK


Very nice atmosphere. Loved the guided meditation, which has stayed with me and seems to have made a huge difference. Thank you!


Astrid K

The date with the specialist was surprising for everyone. An operation is no longer necessary. You cannot imagine how relieved I am, dear Mercedes. A thousand thanks for your help.
This lady’s four year old son’s deafness was cured by two sessions of healing by Mercedes.

Astrid K, Psychologist, Germany