1. What does Mercedes teach? Why is she different?
    Mercedes teaches all the spiritual knowledge she has acquired from her mother, maternal grandmother and a series of spiritual masters, including Betty Shine, and from her own personal experience of miracle manifestation spanning four decades and ‘out of body’ experiences which brought additional knowledge. Overall, family sources span over one hundred years and the lessons are a code of living which helps people to think differently about themselves and how they relate to others to get the best results for a happy life.
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  3. How have other people benefited from Mercedes’ More than Coaching programme?
    Mercedes sends healing and inspirational energy to each client from initial contact to the end of the session. Most people report a better understanding of their innate talents and a dramatic, immediate increase in personal and professional motivation as well as a sense of excitement in taking better control of their lives.
    Examples of How People are Helped:
    Dale Preece-Kelly, a businessman, was able to see an instant transformation and trebled his income .
    Mumtaz Hussain, a solicitor, wanted to work within the media and within months was offered her own radio show.
    Monique Rom, a property expert, within one session was sufficiently motivated to revive her property business with a dramatic increase in drive and inspiration. These developments have changed her outlook, her business and her life.
    Alison Thomas, a mother of three, discovered her powers of manifestation developed rapidly when she applied the principles of The Formula. Money for a project appeared out of the blue and after she visualised her dream house, she soon moved into the house she had envisaged, a property she says she would never have expected to have found in the past.
    Dr S. E-M, a medical doctor was promoted in the hospital in which she worked. She also understood far better her own newly developed, phenomenal talents and used them to find confidence in dealing with the preservation of her marriage.
    Astrid K, a German psychologist, saved her son the trauma of a essential operation which a German Ear Nose and Throat surgeon said he urgently required. In two sessions, Mercedes’ healing energy restored the little four year old’s hearing fully.
    A friend and gifted healer, Betty Shine, was encouraged to teach her largest group ever, as Mercedes introduced her to a PR friend based at a luxury hotel group, after which she became so well known as a mind energy expert and writer that the popularity of her first book – which Mercedes advised her to write herself – increased its sales dramatically and now sells in millions, along with others she wrote, in many different languages.
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  5. When can I start, how long does it take?
    You can start at any time. To book a FREE one to one initial consultation, simply telephone 07876 356 248 or send an email to mercedes@mercedesmotivates.com, stating the reason for your request (if you wish) in a maximum of five lines. I will return your call as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours (and often a lot sooner!) to explain how it all works and we take it from there, based on your needs and what I am able to provide to help you.
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  7. What can I expect?
    In your free consultation, I will discuss aspects of your life which you wish to improve upon and guide you towards achieving greater inspiration and fulfilment based on family experiences of over 100 years and my own substantial decades of studying and experiencing personal empowerment.
  8. Is there any follow up? Is there a private Skype membership club I can join?
    Follow up appointments usually take place one week later and at weekly intervals thereafter. VIP sessions are by special arrangement only. Members of the VIP Skype group will have access to a private telephone number and sessions may be outside normal working hours, via Skype, wherever possible, and will receive personalised details of meet ups, social events and private workshops exclusively arranged for them.
  9. Is there a VIP intensive, bespoke, programme?
    Yes, the service is completely flexible. The objective is to help each person to become spiritually independent and to not need external intervention indefinitely. When the lessons are learnt and practised, the spiritual independence of clients cannot help but grow!
  10. Can I book a series of mentorship calls each week or month?
    As many calls as are necessary can be booked in advance. Advance payment guarantees an appointment and for block appointments booked and paid for in advance, reductions in price will of course apply.
  11. What is expected of me?
    You will be expected to carry out the exercises recommended and to take the lessons seriously! For one’s life to change, one has also to change. However, I will be around to support you as much as possible in the initial days and beyond, if necessary, for those who book blocks of classes and for those who are really determined to make a positive change in their lives.
  12. What happens if I am not available for a scheduled call?
    If you need to cancel, in order to safeguard your advance payment, cancellation should be by telephone and not less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.