Mercedes is a healer, coach and mentor who shares from knowledge inherited over 150 years of ancestry and several decades of uniquely miraculous, personal experiences.

If you are stuck, lacking in motivation or feeling overwhelmed by the burdens of life or want to feel better about your innately beautiful self, in a simple, practical format, free of jargon and symbolism then please send an email to or connect with Mercedes on social media.

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Free Resources

Wisdom, Radiance and Joy – Affirmations – MP3

A downloadable MP3 with affirmations, recorded by Mercedes. Sound quality is fair on this recording

Wisdom, Radiance & Joy – Affirmations – PDF

Beautifully designed A4 size affirmation posters. Print and post in your favourite places

Affirmation Cards – PDF

A bundle of beautifully presented Affirmation Cards for you to print