About Mercedes


Being intuitive about the feelings of others from childhood, I was often confused when people spoke, as what they said frequently did not match what I could read in their thoughts. This extended even to the written word, when the space between the letters often told me more about the writer than the language which was used.

In the seventies and eighties, a series of major, unexpected experiences suddenly started taking place, exposing me to a brightly illuminated world so exquisitely loving, pure and tranquil, that no verbal description in any language could ever do it justice. My life changed suddenly and became sparklingly better.


In the early 90’s, my mother’s physician called to say my mother was unlikely to live more than days. I put my life on hold to make every day she lived as magical as possible. Mum lived for 14 more years, confounding all medical expectation. We had an inexplicable number of miraculous outcomes to seemingly impossible hurdles.

I wondered if I could help others and held research workshops or professionals, from City bankers to doctors, police commanders and lawyers as well as housewives and students.


The Miracle Formula was born. Today, I offer my treasured family Formula and our combined intuitive and healing skills to connect you to YOUR Super-Intelligence, so you too can find your permanent, inner joy and daily, infinitely inspirational, spiritual power. I have lived this life and helped others do the same. The Formula works! There is astounding evidence to back this up. When practiced daily, restores the inner light of vibrant, childhood joy and becomes a beacon of permanent guidance. It will lead to increased self-esteem, heightened intuition and a much more enjoyable quality of life.

If you think I can help you too, do please contact me.

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