The Results


The Formula

What The FORMULA Does!

  • Empower you without the need to dis-empower others.
  • Keep your heart’s ambitions in focus and on target.
  • See, smell and feel your wonderful new life before it happens.
  • Become and remain inspired and motivated.
  • Trust your inner guidance and sharpen your intuition.
  • Find peace of mind and comfort when no one is around.
  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem.
  • Prepare yourself to love and to be loved.
  • Help to heal many ailments, even from a distance.

How would it feel…

  • to be happy every day?
  • to be focuses and working passionately to fulfil your ambitions?
  • to be inspired to do your best every single day?
  • to be free of trigger responses which pull you down into misery
  • to find solitude despite the misery, negativity or anger of those around you?
  • to know how you can be magnetically charismatic and influential?

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The Formula’s Origins


The Formula grew out of a story of selflessness, of a life-threatening back injury I suffered, which left me crippled and in unspeakable pain for almost a year. My mother’s dedication in putting my life before preserving hers, put everything she valued in jeopardy and she finally lost it all – her husband, her home, her friends and her health.

Without her, I could not have survived; so twenty years later, when I was told she would die ‘at any minute’, I sold everything I had of value, including my home, to be able to care for her myself to the highest levels possible.

I was unable to save my romantic relationship because of intensively caring for my mother and many friends drifted too. Yet, during that period of privilege, caring for my mother, the more I gave up materially, the greater were the spiritual rewards and empowerment while my mother lived for an additional fourteen happy, active years.

The Formula for Miracles, the code we stumbled upon accidentally as we grew closer and closer to an energy and Illuminative Brilliance, granted every single favour we asked, some of which defied belief and confounded the medical profession again and again.